What will you choose today?

Most of us will face many challenges in our lifetime. How we face those challenges can define our outlook.

Today I choose joy.

When I cleared my third cancer in 2019, it was shocking, heart-shattering, sad. There were many days I sat on my bed staring out the window, feeling lost and anxious. But then one day, I realized that I could continue to focus on those feelings and the days could drag by.....or I could seek out and choose joy in each day no matter what else I faced.

So every morning I asked myself 'what am I choosing today?'

And I'd think "Today I choose...." Joy, resilience, courage, laughter, balance, whatever I wanted to focus on that day. And that soon became my mantra every day of treatment. And it continues today.

"Today I choose...."

I learned that our thoughts can impact our outlook and actions in life. Changing my attitude helped make the days brighter. Being aware of what I can choose - my attitude - makes challenges feel more manageable and the days brighter. Knowing I get to choose what gets my focus and I choose how I react to things opened the door to more ease in my life. Choosing to focus on the positive shifted my perspective to embrace living. I now wake excited for every day, grateful for every breath!

So I decided to bring that mantra and optimism to others. Because we can all use some positivity and optimism! My goal is help bring motivation and hope for every day. To my life, your life and as many others as possible (these aren't just for cancer survivors.....every person deserves ease in their life!). I hope you also choose to embrace the simple joys and blessings found in every day. No matter what we face, we all deserve to find ease and a bright spot in each day.

Thank you for choosing to help make the world a better place and thank you for your support!

Today I choose joy. I hope you do too.



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Our current charity is Team Alex (supporting Make A Wish, Michigan). This team was created in honor of Alex Graham, a 17-year-old who died from osteosarcoma. The team has cycled in the Michigan Chapter's Wish-A-Mile cycling event for over 20 years, raising more than $1 million to grant wishes to children and teens facing cancer.